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    Dear Members of the Korean Magnetics Society,

    “We inaugurate a new era for the next 30 years with the participation of all of our members.”

    The successful growth of the Korean Magnetic Society (KMS) over the past 30 years was possible by the contributions of senior members who laid the foundation. On behalf of Society, I express respect for all their dedicated contributions. Meanwhile, I would also like to thank young members for active participation in our conferences to present their outstanding research findings.

    Our Society’s basis is to share research achievements through academic conferences and provide an essential channel for people-to-people exchange programs or activities. To this end, I hope our Society to be enjoyable, fruitful, and belonging. Notably, for a younger generation of researchers, it must also be educational and productive. My team and I pledge to pursue below for Society’s continuing growth.

    Active support for conferences and research groups

    We hold symposia and sessions to share ideas with scientists from various fields and provide a forum for convergence, leading to research for original technology convergence and interdisciplinary converging research programs. We support research group meetings to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas for convergence, which encompasses all aspects of magnetics such as physics, materials science and engineering, electronics, biomedical, moto generator, and magnetic material design. We will host an international conference to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the KMS and attract various international workshops and lectures.

    Reinforcement of publications of the journals

    We promote our English journal, Journal of Magnetics, to become an influential international journal with the help of an international publisher’s advanced administration. We encourage our members and research groups to publish review articles to stimulate the Korean Magnetics Society Journal, particularly with industry researchers in areas of interest. We utilize a collection of review papers to revise and supplement Magnetics Series, such as “Magnetic Materials and Spintronics,” and publish new KMS books in magnetics.

    Support for young members

    We collect ideas to inspire graduate students and young researchers’ pride and support their activities, such as research meetings. We support the continuing growth of the Magnetics School activity.

    Actions toward the pandemic

    We need to establish a system of on/off-line conferences and meetings to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We improve the journal review system and provide information on magnetics by continually improving our website. We launch an ad hoc committee to advise on upgrading information infrastructure.

    Promotion of fundraising activities

    We are in dire need of fundraising because all activities mentioned above require many financial resources. Because governmental support has kept reduced in the past years, we need to actively promote internal and external fundraising activities. With enough funds, we can support various activities, including prizes for awards, invitations to conferences and meetings, training industry researchers, and searching for research projects. By establishing an ad hoc committee on the Society’s development, we will prepare the development plans and fundraising activities.

    Now, we are at the turning point of preparing for the next 30 years. As the President of the Society, my team and I will make every effort to boost Society’s growth. We ask for your support. Thank you very much.

    2021. 1. 1

    Young Keun Kim

    President of The Korean Magnetics Society










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